Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Violent Offender Registration
If you are told to register as a Violent Offender for the first time and live in the County of Pawnee(not city limits)then you will have to come to this office and register. If you live in the city limits of Pawnee you register with the Pawnee City Police Department. In not doing so will result in a warrant for your arrest for not being in compliance with rules and conditions of the Violent Offender Registration Act.  

If you are already a registered Violent Offender you have ten(10) days to complete and deliver the letter to this office. You do not sign this form until you are in presence of a Deputy to be the Witness of your signature. If you do not do this without a Deputy Witness then you will be asked to re-sign your name. You will always be asked for your ID or Driver's License to send in a copy with your letter. 

Below, we have provided registration forms for Violent Offenders to download and fill out before coming into to register with the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office.