Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Sex Offender Registry
  1. For first time sex offenders you will need your judgment and sentencing paper work.  
  2. For any new sex offender moving into Pawnee County(If in Pawnee City limits go see Pawnee City Police Department) needs to directly come to the Sheriff's Office and re-register with this office. Bring everything from your previous registration(you should have copies of your last registration). 
  3. If you do not have a copy of your previous registration it will take longer for you to register with this office. The process of registering as a Sex Offender is a lengthy process as is. 
  4. For the sex offenders that are already registered, you will need to come in to the Sheriff's Office to fill out your letter that is sent to you from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Sex & Violent Offender Registration. Do not sign your name until you are in the presence of a Deputy to be the Witness of your signature. If you do this without a Deputy Witness then you will be asked to re-sign your name. You will always be asked for your ID or Driver's License to send a copy with your letter. 
  5. The date you receive your letter, you have 10 days to bring this form in to the Sheriff's Office. If the completed form is not received within forty-five(45) days, our department will notify the appropriate parties and will request a warrant for your arrest. 
  6. If you are planning on moving from this county to another county it is your responsibility to notify this office three days before you move out of the county and it is also your responsibility to contact the county you wish to move to prior to moving. 
  7. If you are a Sex Offender and have been in jail, it is your responsibility to notify this office when you are released. In not doing so could result in another warrant for your arrest for not being in compliance with rules and conditions of the Sex Offender Registration Act. 
Below we have provided forms for download that are associated with registering as a Sex Offender.  That way you can have them filled out and ready when you are need of registering at Pawnee County Sheriff's Office.