Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Phone cards
Inmates have access to telephones within the Pod in which they are housed.  These phones can be used to place collect-calls, or phone calls that can be placed using a pre-paid phone card.  An Inmate can purchase a phone card by requesting the purchase in writing and submitting the request to a Detention Officer.  The phone card will be delivered the following business day.  Inmates can also be gifted a phone card by family or friends by visiting the Sheriff's Office and purchasing them from an Administrative Deputy for delivery to the inmate the following business day.  
CityTeleCoin is the company that handles the phone calls, placed by Inmates, for Pawnee County Jail.  Their website is available by clicking   the link below.  Please contact CityTeleCoin for any questions related to connection and disconnection issues an Inmate and/or call recipient might have.  
You may also contact CityTeleCoin to have an account set up for an Inmate to call you only.  The phone number to contact CityTeleCoin about this option is         1-800-682-0707.  
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