Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Self Defense Act License
(Concealed Carry License)
Concealed Carry License Process
     If you have taken a course for the Concealed Carry license and received a diploma that verifies that you have taken the course then you can come to the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office, (applicants must be Pawnee County residents), and start the process of getting your license, but here is what you need before you come. 

     You have the option to do your application online at OSBI Handgun Licensing link provided at the bottom of this page, which you will add your pictures and pay online. 

     You can download the application or come to Pawnee County Sheriff's Office and grab an application to fill out.  You will need to complete the whole application and leave nothing blank or the OSBI will not process it. On the back page of 4, you will not fill out. When you come in and turn your application in you will need to sign your name in front of an Administrative Deputy. 

     As soon as you find out which you prefer to do you will need to have your pictures taken wherever they do passport photos, you will need two passport photos, your application, a money order(ONLY), we do not take cash or a personal check for the OSBI payment filled out to OSBI for either $100(Five-Years) or $200(Ten-Years), $25 or money order for our office to do your finger-prints, you will need your ID or Driver's License as well. 

     When all your paper work is received, along with all the money orders and or cash, a copy of your ID or DL then we can do your prints. 

     After your fingerprints are taken, two cards are printed out with all your information and prints, you will need to make sure you look over all your information and make sure that all of it is correct especially your social security number. If everything is correct then you will sign both cards and so will I. 

     After your background is checked, all your information and fingerprint cards will be sent to the OSBI to be processed.