Pawnee County Sheriff's Office
Any question about your online order please contact Tiger Commissary directly. Please use the link provided above. 
Pawnee County Sheriff's Office - Front office KIOSK
· To put money on an inmates books for their commissary; for phone cards, personal essentials or for them to buy snacks and/or etc., you can come to the Pawnee County Sheriff's Department and use either cash or debit/credit card on the Commissary Kiosk that is directly to the left as soon as you enter the front doors of the department. 
· You have these options on this kiosk 
o Add funds for Detainee Account with cash or 
o Add funds for Detainee Account with card 
· If you pick either one it will have instructions for you to follow  
o Last Name or ID # 
o Click on the Inmate and Click either Ok or Cancel 
o It reads this as soon as you click Ok 
You have selected (example)John Doe 
Please verify you have selected the correct inmate. No  
refunds, credits, or transfers will be given for incorrect  
inmate selections. 
o You will either hit Continue or Go Back 
o You will then enter your name and then this will again read 
All bills inserted are immediately credited toward the  
inmates account. No refunds are available for bills that 
have been inserted. 
o You will then either hit Ok or Cancel 
o It will have to (example)John Doe from (You)(Your Name) 
o Then it will have how much cash have inserted to the right and then show you the Transaction Fee($2.50) and then have the total inmate deposit and lastly it will have a flashing (Insert Cash Below). 
o After you insert cash it will read Finished or Cancel 
o It will then print a receipt of how much was added to which inmate you had chosen. 

Any question about ordering commissary please contact Tamera Chapman or the Jail.
918-762-2565 ext.310, 313, 314
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